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Confusing combatants is a game we made for COMO Game Jam V. The theme for this jam was illusion. In this top-down fighter game you and one other friend, or enemy, play on the same computer. The main source of attacking is ramming into each other and stealing coins. The coins are your points, you want 100. Power-ups will drop randomly from time to time. These are used against your opponent or to help yourself. The coin bomb places a fake coin which will do damage to any that walk over it. Any damage don to a player will result in the dropping of some of your coins. The ice power up on the other hand traps foes inside of its grips and holds on tight. The winner will be showered with glory and fame for the rest of there days...    or will they...   you will just have to play and find out for yourselves. 

Player 1 will use WASD(move), Q (use), and E(dash)

Player 2 will use IJKL(move), U(use), and O(dash)


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